Samsung Galaxy S7 Tidal provides Explained

Samsung Galaxy S7 Tidal provides Explained -

There is a rumor circulating that suggests that there will be Samsung Galaxy S7 Tidal deal which will take place just before the launch of the S7. The agreement should, in simple terms, Samsung give freedom to the Tidal music streaming service on their smartphones. We will discuss different potentials to the agreement below.

bonus feature offered by Samsung Galaxy S7 Owners

If Samsung Galaxy S7 Tidal deal did go ahead, the first thing would be to assume that Samsung reserves the Tidal service for use on specific Samsung phones. This would allow Samsung to get a handle on which Apple recently had a level of success with their own exclusive streaming music service, Apple decent music.

Have Tidal as exclusive to the S7 galaxy could be a great opportunity for Samsung and Tidal because it would encourage users to buy the S7, and it could help develop public perception of the tides. If a purchase of the Galaxy S7 gave the owners a free 3 months of use so Samsung could also use Tidal as a source of additional income.

This option makes sense from a business point of view and it might work very well for the Samsung customer too. the tide of customers would be a little left, though.

Subscription Service

If the agreement Samsung Galaxy S7 Tidal was not exclusive to Samsung devices, it could be possible that the acquisition of Tidal could be very is unrelated to the Galaxy range. It would be a shame for anyone who wants to take the Galaxy S7 at launch, but it would allow existing tide of users to continue using the service.

Exclusive Features

The third and final option for potential Tidal would be the best of both worlds. If Samsung has kept Tidal open to the entire public, it would allow growth in a new competitive market. At the same time, Samsung could offer exclusive features to the Galaxy S7 owners to encourage the purchase of their smartphones. Features could include exclusive festival tickets, Hi-Fi sound quality free or a greater amount of supported devices for offline use

It would be interesting to acquire Tidal place -. Tidal is certainly struggling to stay relevant, which is a shame as it is a music streaming service very broad and capable

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