New magnesium construction Samung Galaxy S7 improves durability and makes light

New magnesium construction Samung Galaxy S7 improves durability and makes light -

It looks like Samsung watch everything about the new Galaxy S7 notion including improving sustainability and make it much lighter. A new magnesium metal was rumored to be presented in all GS7 variants including Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 board Plus .

durability of glass framed in the S6 is one of the biggest complaints, and adding a more sustainable atmosphere metal significantly improve on this. The metal circle that we have seen in the improved S6 on the S5, but still far behind the durability of the iPhone 6 and Apple 6s.

The magnesium alloy is a softer metal as we have seen in the Galaxy previous S models, and like much of this we see in the latest iPhone. Magnesium alloy is also a uni-body design that will result in a non-removable battery that confirms the latest rumors about the specifications.

Besides improving durability, magnesium entourage also make S7 much lighter. The light metal surround is supposed to do all versions of the S7 lighter than most high-end devices, including the upcoming iPhone 7.

In addition to magnesium construction, we also heard two separate processors that can be the specific region or specific model. The latest rumors suggest that the standard S7 will feature 820 Qualcomm SoC while the Edge GS7 present own Exynos 880 SoC from Samsung.

Online will say, and it seems that the official announcement about the specifications will be sooner than thought. With an announcement may come as early as January or February 2016 that is likely to set up preoreders in major markets, including here in the US and the UK since right after the unveiling.

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