Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors on a curve, the flexible display

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors on a curve, the flexible display -

Samsung will struggle leading innovations observed in both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but according to new rumors of the next Samsung Galaxy S7 will do just that. It looks like Sammy will move away from the same old outside body that we've come to expect as both 2016 launch of the S7 and S7 board sport a really innovative screen

We. heard news Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors on a curved, flexible screen. Sammy has already stated publicly that a foldable smartphone is in the works, and many analysts believe that we will see the first foldable Samsung smartphone in the course of the coming year, but most believe that it will be featured in a new model only. We heard patent has been filed for a collapsible concept, but installation of the new technology in its flagship top just does not make sense.

New rumors also suggest that Samsung is looking to start mass production of both the Galaxy S7 and S7 board quite a bit earlier. This dramatically changes the things that Sammy was fairly consistent with their annual release schedule.

We have heard reports that the two go into production 2-3 months ahead which could set up a worldwide release in January or February 2016. Some analysts even predict a pre-holiday December release, even if we think that this is very unlikely.

The Galaxy S7 release date rumors are just some of what we 're hearing as it seems that we will see the new Qualcomm chipset that will debut later this year. The future of smartphone processors seems to be the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 that will be seen in many smartphones coming in 2016, including both the S7 and S7 Edge.

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