Samsung Galaxy S7 Bord more Features include 5.8 "4K Display, Qualcomm Soc 820, and Micro SD Card Slot

Samsung Galaxy S7 Bord more Features include 5.8 "4K Display, Qualcomm Soc 820, and Micro SD Card Slot -

as we approach the new year we can expect to hear more and more rumors about the next Samsung Galaxy S7 . the latter suggests that we will again see the size of variant more to be launched around the world months after the standard S7 and S7 edge. the Galaxy S7 board plus seems to be an improved version of the S6 edge will offer a slight increase in the size and features that were lacking in the previous model.

another phablet Samsung debuted as S6 edge and more given the series of tickets a run for its money. with consumers looking something bigger, better, and ultimately a new concept, it is no wonder why the Samsung Galaxy S7 becomes so Bord more Warning. Believed to be launched in markets around the world, including here in the US, UK, South Korea, China, India, and many more.

Rumors are within Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge More specifications , and it is looking as consumers get exactly what they want. From a screen 5.8 "with a full 4K resolution that will bring one of the best smartphone screens seen.

It does not stop there as we are likely to see the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 SoC. the S7 and S7 standard board are rumored to sport Exynos 880 Samsung chipset while the S7 edge premium over is believed to sport the new Exynos processor. both are being tested in the new concept S7, and this we mean we're in for a treat.

Probably the biggest surprise when you look at Samsung Galaxy S7 Bord more features will be the return of the slot for Micro SD card. it is believed that all S7 versions with the unknown on the current layout S7 will feature the micro SD card option that is becoming a standard feature in high-end handsets. lucky Project all but confirms that, but we'll have to wait a little more than to see to believe.

It is also believed that we will see a new uni-body design of magnesium alloy which signifantly improve duability and make it much lighter than previous models.

We'll be bringing you a lot more before the official announcement S7 board over who could come this summer. Leaks suggest that it will debut before the Galaxy Note 6 and the Apple iPhone 7 which are both expected to be unveiled early September.

Stick with us for all the latest rumors and confirmations, including the latest on the Galaxy S7 more specs Edge.

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