Samsung Galaxy S7 battery life, aÌ What to Expect

Samsung Galaxy S7 battery life, aÌ What to Expect -

Over the years, the life of the battery of the latest and greatest Samsung combined were somewhat respectable, but consumers are looking for something which is considered above average. Given the facts of life in the palm of our hands, the importance of one of the most underrated aspects of any smartphone is always worth considering. With Galaxy S7 launch just around the corner, we have the latest on what to expect from the GS7 battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 battery life will certainly be improved Galaxy S6 and it will be up to a few improvements overall. In this article we, Äôll about different areas that the smartphone will see an improvement in which in turn helps to improve the life of the battery.

Galaxy S7 Battery Vs Galaxy S6

It, AOS extremely likely that battery life Galaxy S7 will be improved compared to the Galaxy S6. The first and most obvious reason for a better battery is that the battery capacity in the S7 should be larger than the capacity of the Galaxy S6 battery. This should mean that the battery has more power forward further improvements are even spoken.


In addition to increasing the capacity of the battery, the GS7 will certainly be more optimized. The processor and GPU in the Galaxy S7 will be improved and optimized to ensure that less battery life is used for basic tasks and more demanding tasks.

Software Enhancements

It, AOS not only physical improvements that can increase battery life. In fact, sometimes software enhancements can help increase the life of the battery of a significant device. In the case of the life of the battery Samsung Galaxy S7, we hope, Äôll see improvements in TouchWiz and Google Android 6.0 Äôs¬ † Marshmallow OS which should help improve the way the system operating deals with the battery. More optimizations could help intensive tasks drain less battery and the other side of things could help reduce the loss of the battery while the Galaxy S7 is inactive.

Unibody Design

Due to the unibody design the Galaxy S7 unfortunately can not have a removable battery. Fortunately the battery life in the S7 should be more than enough for one day, AOS average utilization value and the charge time is fast enough that you, Äôll be able to recover much of the battery for the day with small loads fifteen minutes here. and

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