Comparison Samsung Galaxy S7 and xiomi Mi 5

Comparison Samsung Galaxy S7 and xiomi Mi 5 -

On several occasions, the comparison is the name that comes our way. We are generally familiar and comfortable comparing Leonardo DiCaprio Robert Downer Jr. The duos are remarkably compared as the old just needs a validation Oscars and later identified as top box office hero of Marvel.

Moving from the conversational compare the stars, the technology is also used to compare several heads. All gadgets that are released at the same time with similar characteristics are related to grasp the comparison. And here we find a very similar Knick and talent of two immediate Android phones feature :. Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Xiaomi Mi 5

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Xiaomi MI 5

Samsung Galaxy s7 vs xiomi mi 5

Here are six division compared

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When there is a comparison between two jewels:

When two different companies with features and specifications of similar phones are published on consecutive dates, it is linked to a similar release. When the headlights are different while the features that are offered come to parity, it starts the comparison ie Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Xiaomi MI 5.

The comparison in terms of design and display

When Samsung S7 is being similar to his appearance earlier in S6, not many major changes are likely to occur, Xiaomi Mi 5 will gear with full metallic look unlike Xiaomi Mi 4, which sports a plastic construction with a steel band.

Galaxy vs s7 xiomi mi 5 [display

The old features 5.2 to 5.7 inches supporting up to 4K resolution and are equipped with clear glass 3D touch quite similar to the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The all round board with its intense classic look will keep on the advantageous side.

While later, depicts a 5.3-inch Quad HD screen that offers a resolution of around 2150 x 1400 pixels with Gorilla Glass armored 4. The same glass 3d equivalent to the iPhone is used in Xiaomi Mi 5 .

key changes are likely to come in the form of an improved display, higher resolution, superior performance, a camera and a high definition gaming.

Based storage, RAM, and processor Chipset

both are built with an Octa-core processor and Android 6.0 (marshmallow) but Xiaomi Mi 5 claims to be 12% faster and smoother than the S7 galaxy. When S7 galaxy puts on a 4 GB RAM.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, provides a somewhat less avail 3GB of RAM. In this case, the critical vote for the former more than the RAM enables consistent execution of applications. More RAM, smoother and faster than the phone should work. In fact, the maximum RAM also allows other applications.

When Samsung Galaxy S7 offers a capacity of 32 GB of internal storage with a slot for a memory card with a capacity of Xiaomi Mi 5 is used with an internal capacity of 64 GB, but has no card slot memory. In this case, the two are in balance.
Samsung Galaxy S7 has a chipset variance from country to country.

As in the States and China Galaxy S7 is powered with Snapdragon 820. While in Korea, Japan and Europe it provides to its own Exynos 880 chip. On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi 5 is powered by Snapdragon 829 chipset unlike a variance in S7.

On the basis of


Samsung has always had excellent specifications of the device and now featuring a 23 megapixel camera with all new Sony IMX300 sensor is certainly the beneficiary aside for photography enthusiasts. While Xiaomi Mi 5 support the optical image stabilization with 16- megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera improved.


The life of the battery for Samsung Galaxy S7 is powered with 3000 mAh then Mi 5 would supply up to 2550 Mah. Unlike the battery would not make such a difference in promoting other features could speed up. Galaxy s7 is statutorily stable in its battery life, as it can keep working up to two days without recharging, it takes about 0 minutes to fully recharge. Mi 5 is claimed to be loaded up to 80-0% in one hour on 3.0 loads faster.

On the basis of prices


All features individually gadget an advantageous position to purchase. It offers incredible features on each party to make a purchase. In fact, Xiaomi is a new brand from the creation of Samsung gives tough competition in terms of its features and specifications.

There are many such exceptions as may indignation strong stability of Samsung. Price being the main factors. Xiaomi has essentially abandoned a huge sum compared to the characteristics of its Samsung S7 in accordance with the ethics few, terms and conditions.

In fact many gadget phenomena, it is an exclamation how the budget can be justified almost all equal value

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