Samsung Galaxy s7 Advantages and disadvantages

Samsung Galaxy s7 Advantages and disadvantages -

In this contemporary world of technology, gadgets are interconnected with every aspect of our lives. Especially when it comes to phones and tablets people become very demanding and they go for the best.

Galaxy series has already created a huge demand among customers with its unique characteristics, sophisticated look and a good controversial quality.Though s6 series may have gained much popularity, Galaxy series s7 much better.

Samsung Galaxy s7 Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy

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New galaxy s7 launched pros and cons should be at the top of your priority list if you are looking for the best options. You fall in love with the series after learning its features. Customer feedback has already made the very popular series on the market.

Metal and glass body

These S7 s6 resembles in look with its metal frame and glass supported housing. Its classic look will add an X factor to your personality. You can have several color varieties. The specialty of the s7 screen is that it is completely flat. Its screen size is 5.1 in the other features are: ..

  • Weight- 152 g
  • Size- 142x70x7.9mm
  • Waterproof

Whereas the Galaxy S7 Samsung display screen is completely flat slope slightly different from its complete S7 Edge, the back of the phone is curved at the boundaries. It resembles the curved rear portion of Note 5 and while customers were at first cynical of its value, everyone began to understand this delicate design touches.

Camera and screen

The S7 has an AMOLED screen. Other features of the screen are

  • Spot-on color contrast and accuracy
  • brightness adjustment function
  • Screen 5t Resolution- 2560 × 1440
  • always on fashion
[1945008caméraarrière] in particular, he presented will surely impress you. The camera of the Galaxy S7 Samsung 12 megapixel sensor with zoom-in and zoom out technical.

Objective has an aperture of f1.7 wide and it leads to very good in low light photography. With its high resolution, the lens of the camera can capture the movement of both entities.

If photography is your hobby, you can easily go for s7 to capture beautiful moments. The advantages and disadvantages of Galaxy provide several photo editing tools as well. Auto-focus is one of the best features of this device sterling

Battery and speed :.

S7 in a number of overseas markets uses a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, while sections of the UK as a substitute of a function cores to eight core Exynos 880. four to 2.6GHz for heavy work, along with the other four functions to 1.6GHz and simply help save the battery life.

According to Samsung, the S7 has been empowered with a cooling water process to keep the heat under control processor overload. Samsung did not give details of his working method.

Battery life was something of a mixed bag. The processor saves the battery. In general, it looks like other phones of its size and if you use your phone all the time, it is best to load your s7 every night.

Nuts and Bolts on the software

The Galaxy has a 6.0 S7 Android Marshmallow preinstalled. As expected, own Samsung TouchWiz point pass was on it if it is less intrusive and irritating than earlier versions of Touch Wiz.

Several unnecessary applications are branded facilities to choose from, while the majority of geegaws and animations useless gadgets are gone.

Although the parameters is as difficult and crowded for navigation than ever Wiz touch has a number of advantages . The setup wizard that helps you running initial switch on the phone guides you to repair Knox, especially if you have not entered your Exchange account information.

The ability to customize settings for quick shortcuts that are displayed in the drawer Notifications can be recognized as an impressive and welcome feature that Android users stocks will not know until the launch of Android N.

Why should we go to S7 galaxy?

Galaxy S7 may be "just" a refinement and evolution of the S6, but it has about everything you could want in a smartphone. It can be recognized as a great and very nice phone with our so-called concern tempered slightly by the strength of the competition.

The s7 seems to appear as a power with the Vulcan cooling, Snapdragon 820 and water. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S7 screen can be called as the most excellent market by Mate Display and Samsung still provides superior quality in class camera.

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