Samsung Galaxy S7 Display Features - size, resolution, color, and comparison

Samsung Galaxy S7 Display Features - size, resolution, color, and comparison -

The new flagship of Samsung will soon be unveiled, we receive many leaks come to suggest what to expect. With the concept of Sammy create a flagship concept that is sure to compete with the rest of the competition, all eyes turn to the next Galaxy S7 .

The specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7 display will not be as much of an improvement of the Galaxy S6 over other new releases, but there will still be some subtle changes. Below we take a look closer to the display GS7 size, resolution, color reproduction, and a comparison with the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen size

The official sheet Samsung Galaxy S7 display specs may not differ by much relative to the S6, in particular as regards the size. In fact, S7 display is likely to be either 5.1 inch, as S6 or perhaps 5.2 inches. It is unlikely that Samsung would be to increase the size of the galaxy much S7.

go larger than 5.2 inches puts you into phablet territory and it would cut a large portion of users who prefer 4.5-5 inch displays. Sometimes, bigger is not always better, and that's certainly the case with 5 inches.

Samsung Galaxy S7 display resolution and color reproduction

The Galaxy S7 display will certainly have at least a 2K resolution, but it is possible that could have a 4K panel, especially considering the Sony Xperia Z5 premium display such sports. Honestly we doubt Samsung would opt for the panel because 4K 2K is more than enough. At present, there is not really enough content available for 4K be it a viable option for Samsung to include.

What about other elements of the GS7 display? In the past, Samsung screens have always been very good at providing accurate and colorful results and Galaxy S7 is likely to be an improvement from previous versions. We can see the most accurate color display we've ever seen on a smartphone with the Galaxy S7. This includes a contrast ratio unmeasurable, accuracies of incredible colors and a very balanced display that does not have a cold blue tint unnecessary as other smartphones have screens.

Galaxy S7 Edge display Vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 board

We are really curious to compare the Galaxy Edge S7 with S7 standard display. It is likely that Edge will be very similar display quality, but we can not help but wonder if there will be differences

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