Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S -

I-phone 6 is considered strong and can be at the top of your priority that its range fell steadily. However, Samsung wants to ruin your plans with his incredible Galaxy S7, its completely new and unique features. Compare their characteristics to move towards a conclusion.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S

The Samsung Galaxy 6s S7 and iPhone are both well designed and stylish. They have powerful air in the hands, and easily won their classic status, while the phone can pip 6 S7 to the position in terms of sensation if you favor the metal to glass.

Samsung Galaxy S7 has the added benefit of water-proof, without annoying covers and that's why s7 iPhone 6. Galaxy defeats

iPhone 6s Galaxy vs s7


iPhone 6 looks impressive with its 4.7 inch screen while the Galaxy S7 creates a positive impact with its 5.1 inch screen.

If you have small hands, then the iPhone 6 is the best option for you, but Samsung also did a great job of cramming the Samsung Galaxy S7 display screen in a moderately body strong, so it could be pretty comfortable for the majority of the population.

But display technology and resolution are the things that really are distantly displays. The Galaxy S7 Samsung has this same 2K resolution as its precursor, and he won easily on the iPhone 6s 326dpi, with a number of 577ppi.

Samsung galaxy too stuck to his impressive AMOLED panel and this means precise and rich blacks, vibrant colors. These colors appear to be slightly too realistic and dynamic, but can easily mitigate somewhat with the diffusion parameters of extraordinary colors.

Brilliant snappers

Samsung Galaxy S7 has 12 megapixel camera and it is the iPhone 6s. The "iPhone third sensor 6 is greater than the pixel size 1.22μm to 1.4μm is less than the alternative of S7. The S7 camera af / 1.7 aperture to f iPhone 6s / 2.2.

the result of a greater opening of Galaxy S7 and larger pixels mean that it should, in theory, have access to a significantly greater amount of light than the iPhone camera 6, expected in offering turn photos with several aspects in a low light environment.

Samsung has undoubtedly put more thoughts into the camera of the Galaxy S7 at the time, but while his plans are extremely good, it does not seem to be perfect. Pro galaxy mode s7 camera, however, helps to shine Galaxy S7 in the correct hands, using manual controls for aperture, speed shutter and ISO all accessible. It can be considered a powerful pocket camera.

a leading host of features cut

4GB of RAM and Snapdragon processor 820 galaxy s7 have a complete beast between the department and specifications that why nobody was surprised after seeing its 3D games at high resolution without any difficulty.

A9 6s iphone processor is, of course, is no crisis, especially if one takes thought to the reality that Apple has complete control over its software and hardware optimization its ios for its individual processors to squeeze as much control of its silicon probable. Power-wise, in the real world use, it will not be much visible difference between these two devices.

Samsung galaxy too stuffed in a larger 3000mAh battery in the Galaxy S7, which is considered much larger than the 1714mAh providing found in its iPhone rival. The S7 lasted us a day and a half, it beats iPhone in this field.

Which is better?

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iphone 6s

If you tend to be an unbeliever OS then you could easily be torn to shreds between the two devices. However, in general, it seems clear that the Galaxy S7 becomes the topper in about judgment, which, incidentally, is why it is currently holding the position of the top of the Top 10 Smartphones list.

While the S7 is considered a revolution either from the aspect of functionality or design, he managed to get close to flawlessness across the board, others devices that have already been tested.

Although the iPhone 6s is now possible handset. Sure, but if it was up to the customers, they could drag the S7 in pockets throughout the day

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