Samsung Galaxy S7 for a much improved interface What a difference a year

Samsung Galaxy S7 for a much improved interface What a difference a year -

Samsung were quite a performance updates and user interface improvements in its GS6. However, Samsung has no intention of stopping now. new flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S7 entail a much better user experience.

Quick Access Under Your Thumb

The main advantage of Samsung GS7 is that you have a sidebar on the screen that give you quick access to applications under your thumb, giving one hand operation. In addition, there is a second vertical column also. From a wide range of panels and settings, you can select this column to be just as you want. Thus, by having a quick user interface, you have many options that you provide shortcuts in all possible ways. With this, there are many easy access to Samsung GS7.

wide variety of options

You can move applications out of the home screen and add it in a folder simultaneously. The app drawer can be organized just the way you would like. There is an option for multi-screen, like previous versions, but all in one, you now have all the features available with one hand. Samsung sees this as "one hand in"

Another Cool function

Samsung calls "My edge locations" that offer the possibility of installing up to 4 applications that change depending on your location. Your position is still available on the home screen through GPS. There is also the "Task Edge". This allows users to access all the specific functions of an application in a single click. For example, in the application manager app, you can remove any application immediately with a single blow or click or perhaps you can create a new contact right away with the Contacts application.

comprehensive review of Samsung Galaxy S7 Interface

On the largest ridge we see the Samsung Galaxy S7 user interface to provide a facility for users. Using the phone while driving is risky, but if it is an emergency, you can still use your phone and do many tasks with a single tap. Improved voice recognition can also provide a variety of services and you can still use voice recognition through the gear too.

We expect Samsung to present at the upper interface of the premier user in Galaxy S7 and S7 board. In addition, we expect many opportunities that such interfaces can provide a hand less stress to the user. The new Samsung will be just an employee could work on your orders with a single command. Easy just got easier

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