Samsung to provide the ultimate gaming experience in the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

Samsung to provide the ultimate gaming experience in the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge -

Samsung had plans to improve the gaming experience of its smartphone users. This dream of Samsung could come true with Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 board who dedicated features for the game.

A special game folder

This new feature in the GS7 would provide a special database for the Games. This means that all your games and their data would be stored in one place. In addition, there would be many interesting parameters regarding games. First, it is now possible to disable all kinds of pop-up notifications which means that if you play Asphalt 8 on your phone, you could win the race smoothly without any difficulties or obstacles caused because of popups sudden notice.

Not Lagging, complete control

option to adjust the framerate games would be possible. You can choose to set the 60-30 FPS or vice versa. However, with low computing power required by the game framerate would greatly increase and your battery may drain with twice the speed. Everything is basically your choice if you want to save battery or have a good time play. In addition, a pre-installed game launcher would be present that would kill all other applications and free up RAM so you play games without any problems behind.

In-Game Features

a wide variety of options is available with a single shot during the game. You can take a screenshot or record a video too. You can choose how to disable notifications from here too. Minimize game without losing progress and many more features that are yet to be unveiled.

The access to the Google Apps Marketplace

Galaxy S7 users have full access to the Google Apps Marketplace, which is an app store for businesses and business solutions. It gives some control IT staff to approve applications in advance. This would help companies that require employees to use the specific phone models for some reason.

Capabilities System

Samsung has provided core Snapdragon 820 Octa or 8 Exynos processor with 4GB ram which is more than what is required. The system can be heated to the extreme use but overall, it is there to provide a good experience for users.

Enhancements and updates expected today

Samsung aims to provide a quality game time to its users. Expected improvements include more ram, a longer battery time and other improvements to the quality of games. We might as well be able to see these improvements in smartphones coming from Samsung

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