Samsung Galaxy Concept S7 shows significant improvements in durability, security, and Power

Samsung Galaxy Concept S7 shows significant improvements in durability, security, and Power -

Those of you anticipate Samsung Galaxy S7 and multiple variants will be pleasantly surprised by what's in store that shows information from a superior handset. Samsung did not become known as one of the industry leaders for no reason at all, and it will not be far from the truth when the new concept Galaxy S7 debuted here in a few month.

rumored to launch in early 2016, many rumors coming will appeal to everyone. Suspected to present the standard model S7 with S7 variant single edge and the larger Edge S7 Furthermore, there really is something for everyone. All eyes will be on the many improvements in the Samsung Galaxy S7 concept of that will significantly improve the sustainability, security, and power.

We hear Sammy intention on the introduction of a new Surround magnesium alloy that will be seen in three variants which will not only make them more durable phones but as light. The magnesium alloy pack the edges of the phone itself will help you with any accidental drops and or these unfortunate incidents that we've all seen.

Security will also see an upgrade when comparing the concept S7 to S6 with a new scanner retina of the eye. Persistent rumors about the eye detection technology operating alongside a fingerprint scanner will make the phone itself almost impenetrable. Users will now have the peace of mind of all would-be people trying to unlock the phone. In addition to increased security, a retinal scanner eyes also improve mobile payments making it faster, safer, and ultimately a better way to shop.

The power will be fully improved thanks to new processors that are set to debut. 820 Qualcomm SoC is supposed to be presented either in the three variants or just S7 Bord More and rumors about Samsung own Exynos 880 chipset are heard. This does not even take into account an upgrade in RAM when comparing the S6 as S7 is supposed to appear even 4GB or 5GB of RAM.

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