All New Samsung Galaxy S7 With a lot smarter display

All New Samsung Galaxy S7 With a lot smarter display -

With an increase in the size of the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S series is to reach beyond the expectations. In upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung, we would be able to see the best display of all time which is exactly what we hoped. S7's innovation goes beyond anything the Korean manufacturer has in place, and the display is one of the main reasons.

4K Ultra HD Display?

The Galaxy will display S7 flexible OLED panel with 4K resolution with 700 ppi and about. These screens will be decommissioned Polyimide which a generic polymer used to manufacture flexible displays. The screen would present a crystal clear picture with lots of bright colors and sharp display. This also help play 4K movies on the device quite easily. This device would have an always on screen and a clock appears on the lock screen. It would be 24% brighter and sunglasses would be nice. This results in that the display S7 would be adaptable to many different situations.

Curved Screen

The Galaxy Samsung S7 is to have a curved display. This is something new. Although this feature was available in the Samsung GS6 edge, but there will be a better curve display in the new GS7. With the 5.1 inch AMOLED screen, the game and the user experience would be enhanced photography to great levels. The curved screen is expected to have some problems with touch, though. This would create difficulties for users who are accustomed to a flat panel display. Involuntarily, a user could get his finger touched on the curved portion that would open something new. However, Samsung is working on this issue and this issue will be resolved soon.

high screen resolution

As mentioned, Samsung is to provide an Ultra HD display. This means that the screen resolution would be beyond the limits too. It would not only be a resolution 1440 x 2560 only, but it would also have the Force Touch with TouchWiz UI. The screen would feature Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is an impressive thing about Samsung GS7. However, glass is glass. He could not get a scratch on it, but it can definitely break into pieces if it slips from your hand. A tip for all those interested in this phone is to buy this Great thing with its mobile coverage in order to have additional protection against all kinds of damage expected.

Other interesting features

The screen would also be waterproof and dustproof. This means you can just wipe your screen with a clean, if someone accidentally spills water on it or it gets extreme exposure to pollution and dust. This function is very useful because many of us have these issues and we are unable to take care of our devices correctly.


Samsung may further improvements in the quality of the screen and also display. However, we are already seeing that Samsung Galaxy S7 sharpens perfection and there is little room left entirely to improve

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