India Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 board date and price confirmed

India Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 board date and price confirmed -

Both Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 date and press prices were confirmed as annual Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona yesterday, and all eyes turn the availability to the consumer, it is time to describe what the Indians waited to see. After weeks of speculation, the official announcement was not surprising as the most innovative manufacturer Android smartphone introduced not one but two masterpieces.

The official unveiling brings forth what is certain to be two of the hottest smartphones of 2016 launches and that Samsung is preparing for an international release, it is impossible not to be excited. With a worldwide release date confirmed for March 11 e in many major markets worldwide, including the US, UK, China, and many others, will not be much longer before both the first S7 and S7 Edge India

Although it is yet to be made official, both Edge and S7 India Samsung Galaxy S7 release date should begin the last week of March. This is fairly consistent with previous launches of the Galaxy S series with availability on the Indian market generally three to four weeks after launch.

Those looking to buy a new Galaxy S7 in India can expect to pay about Rs. 51,000 and Rs. 57,000 for Edge Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S7 India release date for both variants will occur the same day, and when looking at the interests of consumers at international level you can expect a huge interest in the Indian market. US pre-orders of the S7 and S7 board are filled with gifts, including a new VR speed and it will be interesting to see what the pre-order offers will be available in India.

When comparing the S6 and S6 Edge for S7 and S7 board you will notice many visual similarities but even more performance awards. Both S7 and S7 edge boast a faster processor, improved camera features, more battery life, increased RAM, and two of the highest honors, including expandable memory and a rating of IP68.

The absence of waterproof, and a slot for micro SD card S6 last year left a bitter taste in the mouths of many consumers who will be a thing of the past with the functionality packed Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

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