IPhone: charging in levitate


Make IPhone: charging in levitate do?

IPhone: charging in levitate Make

The maglev technology is a way to be well controlled. It is starting to ... thumbnail 1 summary

The maglev technology is a way to be well controlled. He begins to make its debut in the areas in aeronautics, in the industries of production and now in the mobile world. Indeed, an accessory capable of charging the iPhone using this protocol even just landed on KickStarter crowdfunding platform. It is a project developed by the AR designs. This means that it is not real yet, but it should happen soon if the small company achieved its objective in terms of funding equivalent to $ 40,000. And yet, they were able to exceed this ceiling!

Recharge iPhone magnetic levitation through OvRcharge

baptized OvRcharge, accessory to recharge the iPhone in question is presented in a video. There you can see how to use. Suffice to say that ar Designs has imagined everything for the realization of his idea. Regarding its operation, the gadget makes slowly turn the smartphone on the plate that charging. It operates the protocol of magnetic induction to transfer energy. In other words, everything is wireless and receiving the transmitted energy, the iPhone has a small magnet on the part where the battery is located. As for its price, the proposed OvRcharge should be about 0 dollars. Pending its release, what do you think of this invention?

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