New features on the Samsung Galaxy edge S7

New features on the Samsung Galaxy edge S7 -

In this article, we will discuss potential new features on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge including the best and worst in what, AOS expected. We based the information in this article about the rumors and we estimated, AOVE actually judging what should be improved on the original S6 edge. None of this information has been confirmed by Samsung, but it could possibly be close enough to the truth.

New Samsung Galaxy S7 edge features

The, ÄòEdge function, AO S6 is a new company brand Samsung, but it, AOS take long for Samsung to develop. It, AOS unlikely that Samsung would drop the Edge function in 2016, and consequently, Samsung will most likely work on the integration of new features on the Samsung Galaxy S7 board that make the most of the curved display. We can see more applications supported on the dashboard, as well as other exclusive features of TouchWiz.

better build quality

Getting a new design idea from the first time can be quite difficult. While the Galaxy S6 edge was very durable, it was a little less comfortable than the standard Galaxy S6. Hopefully we, Äôll see a better build quality on the Samsung Galaxy S7 board so that the device will feel more comfortable to hold and use.

more powerful hardware

This is almost guaranteed to reach the S7 Edge, but a new CPU, GPU, more RAM, better battery life and a best camera can be included. We can also see an upgrade in the quality of the display Edge, but Samsung may opt to choose the same panel that was used on the S6 edge.

So far we do not know what the material will be included in the S7 Edge, but a new processor will help the unit to be extremely fast. Android 6.0, AOS new battery saving features, alongside a larger battery capacity will help the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge last much longer too. More RAM will allow users to switch between multiple applications faster, and improvements of the camera will definitely noticeable.

The official details on the new features of the GS7 GS7 and Edge is likely to be revealed at the 2017 CES. event in Las Vegas just before the official launch worldwide

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